Weekend Getaway


Once a year my mom and I help a very dear friend house sit and pet sit her son’s home.  We love going there as it is out in the country on about fifteen acres with no neighbors in site.  This year I took my dog Dudley because he is such a momma’s boy and I just hate to board him if I don’t have to.

PoolThey have this beautiful pool and we were just going to lounge all weekend and drink a little, eat a little and just have fun.  Well they have this black lab that also loves to swim so every time we were in the pool so was Jack.  Which was fine except Jack wanted to play, and after a while it gets old having to entertain Jack the whole time we’re in the pool.  But that was just one of the pets that we were there to take  care of.

Now Dudley is a pretty sociable dog.  I mean he understands that this was Jack's home and he was a visitor so no problem with Jack.  But Molly, now that was a different story.  Meet Molly…


Molly was suppose to be a miniature potbelly pig.  Well, she outgrew that title very quickly and now she is basically just a potbelly pig.  And Dudley had no idea what this was.  It was either one huge ugly dog that had misfortunes too numerous to even talk about or something completely alien. He barked a whole lot at first because that’s what the protector of the universe does, protects his mommy.  And speaking of the universe I'm sure Dudley wondered what planet this alien was from because it was like nothing he had ever seen before.

Molly1Dudley is just on the inside of the window trying to figure out this “thing” and wonder why I’m not fearing for my life.  Of course Molly being raised around dogs had no issues with Dudley except Molly could not figure out why Dudley seemed so excited.  There must have been some unknown threat. So for the first day we just kept Molly and Dudley away from each other and Dudley had to stay inside. By the second day we just decided every man, woman, pig, dog, well you get the picture, for himself.  But as luck would have it Molly stayed away in the woods and Dudley stayed very close to me.

I did learn one thing about Molly and that is, don’t mess with her food.  I was throwing a few nibbles of food down so I could get some pictures of her.  Now when you’re a pig a few bites of food is just a cruel tease and she nose butted my leg to let me know that she wanted more, much more. And when a pig puts a bruise on your leg well.... she gets what she wants. It was such a fun weekend, and I loved watching Dudley learn about a whole other animal world but…

I think I will stick to the traditional pets like my Dudley.