Encore Azalea thegardensleuth.com

Name: Encore Azalea

Latin: Rhododendrom

Height: 2'-6'

Width: 2'-4'

Their bright green leaf color throughout most seasons followed by some change of colors in the fall make them a welcome addition to your landscape with exposure to morning sun or high filtered shade.  Their multi-season flower display makes them one of the most popular landscape shrubs available.    Easy to grow but does need regular watering and thrives in rich organic soils. Encore Azeleas are not deer resistant.

Encore Azalea 4

Encore Azalea

An investment in your landscape pays great dividends. Proper landscaping adds up to 15 percent to a home's value.  The cost of landscaping pays for itself five to ten times over the maturity of a landscape.

Shrubs are considered one of the best investments in a landscape, so why not plant a shrub that will add beautiful color through out multiple seasons.  Encore Azalea offers many colors and sizes to choose from. The only hard part will be deciding which one to plant!


Salvia greggii 2 thegardensleuth.comName: Autumn Sage or Cherry Sage

Latin: Salvia greggii

Height: 2'

Width: 2'

Zone: 7a

Salvia greggii is a popular, small, evergreen perennial, growing natively in rocky soils in Central, West and South Texas, and Mexico.

The leaves are small, green and very aromatic. There are many varieties that bloom red, pale yellow, orange, salmon, fuchsia, purple, red-violet, burgundy, some with white variegation of leaves or flowers.Salvia Greggii Garden 8

It is valued for its adaptability to garden soils, its very long blooming season and as a magnet for hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.  Autumn sage is usually not winter hardy or evergreen in cooler climates.

Blooms best in full sun and will bloom from late spring to first frost and beyond.  Very hardy and easy to grow, deer resistant, heat and drought tolerant.   A great plant to add interest in the garden year around.