Shasta Daisy - Plant of the Month: May 2015

Shasta Daisy

Chysanthemum morifolium

Shasta Daisy, aka, Chysanthemum morifoliumThe Shasta Daisy is a classic perennial that is easy to grows and will give your garden color all summer long.  This was my Grandmother's favorite plant.  My mom told me she had them planted all over her yard and they grew and bloomed with little care.  Mom then told me they were one of her favorites and now they are one of mine.  I never really appreciated the Shasta Daisy until last summer when I visited my family in Nebraska and Colorado and then came back home through New Mexico. I saw the Shasta Daisy growing in all these states and not just growing but thriving.  In Colorado they were used in the esplanades on busy streets along with other perennials. Those are harsh Shasta Daisy, aka, Chysanthemum morifoliumconditions for any plant to grow in.  So you know if they grow there, they will do well in a garden with a little love and care.  Your eyes are immediately drawn to the white flowers because they are so pretty and bright.  People refer to the Shasta Daisy as the "Happy Flower" and I  have to agree.  This year I added them to my perennial garden and I love the lightness they added.
Shasta Daisy, aka, Chysanthemum morifoliumThe Shasta Daisy flowers are white with yellow button centers.  The flowers will grow between 3" and 5" across depending on the variety. Some varieties will grow 6" to 8" with flowers that grow 8"- 12" above the plant.  Some Shasta daisy plants will grow to 3' so make sure you read the tags that come with the plant to know where in your garden they should be planted.

Mine are the "Darling Daisy" and will grow to about 8" tall so they are a great border plant and their leaves are a dark green elongated shape.  They add a nice contrast in my garden to all the gray or light green leaves from my other perennials. A few other varieties are Shasta Daisy "Becky" will get about 40" tall and wide. Shasta Daisy "Alaska" is another variety that seems to be popular and will grow to about 3' tall.

Shasta Daisy, aka, Chysanthemum morifoliumShasta Daisy plants are best installed in the spring after the last freeze or early fall. The Shasta Daisy loves full sun but will do well with a bit of shade. The clumps can be divided in the spring after 3 or 4 years.

Shasta Daisy plants are great for an English garden but I have seen them used in a Xeriscape gardens as well.

The flowers are good for cutting and adding to an arrangements.  They do attract some wildlife like butterflies, but the good news is that they are deer resistant.  So if this is a plant you wish to add to your landscape, check your local garden centers for the best variety to grow in your garden. You will smile every time you see these "happy flowers"!