Red Yucca and Yellow Yucca - Plant of the Month: August 2015

Red Yucca and Yellow Yucca

Hesperaloe parviflora

Red Yucca, aka, Hesperaloe parvifloraThe dog days of summer are officially here.  July this year was not too bad, in fact here in the Texas Hill country, I had over 6 inches of rain.  What a blessing.  Then August hit and so did the heat and the rain is no where to be found. Oh well, this is the norm for August. When temperatures are in the triple digits and the plants start to look very thirsty, you know summer is here.  However, there are some plants that thrive in these conditions and one of them is the Red or Yellow Yucca.

The funny thing about this plant is it really not a Yucca it’s a succulents.  It thrives in the heat and is very hardy in the cold.



Here are the facts:Yellow Yucca, aka, Hesperaloe parviflora

  • Grows to about 3’ tall and 3’ wide
  • Flower stocks will grow to 6’ tall.
  • Flower colors are red to pink and yellow
  • Blooms May through late September
  • Foliage is long slender dark green
  • Foliage is deer resistant, flowers are not
  • Attracts Humming Birds
  • Leaves are not spine tipped
  • Evergreen Perennial
  • Grows in full sun or afternoon shade
  • Adaptable to most well drained soils
  • Grows to zone 5 very cold hardy
  • Use as a focal point or clump several together
  • Perfect for rock gardens and other dry areas in your garden
  • Native to Texas and Southwest

Yellow Yucca, aka, Hesperaloe parvifloraRed Yucca or Yellow Yucca works will with Artemesia, Lantana, and Salvia Greggii.   If you have a dry area in your garden that needs drought tolerant color all summer, Red or Yellow Yucca is a great addition to any garden.


Red Yucca, aka, Hesperaloe parviflora