Plant of the Month

Ghost Plant- An easy to grow succulent

Plant of the Month-Ghost Plant Ghost Plants get their name because of the pale appearance of their leaves.  They are succulent plants and like most succulents require very little water.  In the last year I have seen a real interest in succulent plants in the landscape.  Living in Central Texas and being very concerned about using […]

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Plant of the month September

Plant of the Month-Columbine Columbines are graceful and full of charm, they bring lacy foliage and intricate, delicate flowers to the garden.  They prefer shade to part shade but will grow in full sun provided they receive sufficient moisture. Tolerant of a wide variety of soils as long as soils are moist, but well drained. […]

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August Plant of the Month

Plant of the Month- Sky Pencil Yaupon Holly Sky Pencil Yaupon Holly is a narrow, columnar in form plant, that is just right for small spaces. Being an evergreen, it has dark green foliage year round, adding additional interest in the  fall with purple berries. Outstanding plant for vertical accent, perfect for entryways or privacy […]

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July plant of the month

Plant Description- Firecracker Plant   Firecracker Plant has clusters of scarlet red or white tubular flowers resembling small firecrackers that provide reliable color from spring through fall. Perennial with slender, fern-like stems that start out straight, then fall over into long, showy cascades. A must-have for butterfly and hummingbird gardens. Great for cascading over retaining […]

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June Plant of the Month: Lupine

Lupine An Old fashion Favorite Lupinus fabaceae Lupines are a wonderful old-fashioned flower that can be either an annual or perennial, with many varieties available.  They bear very large, showy flower spikes covered with unusual florets on long, sturdy stems.  Colors include white, red, pink, blue, yellow, lilac, violet, and apricot.  Plants are attractive with […]

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March 2016 Plant of the Month: Encore Azaleas

Name: Encore Azalea Latin: Rhododendrom Height: 2'-6' Width: 2'-4' Their bright green leaf color throughout most seasons followed by some change of colors in the fall make them a welcome addition to your landscape with exposure to morning sun or high filtered shade.  Their multi-season flower display makes them one of the most popular landscape […]

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February 2016 Plant of the Month: Salvia Greggii

  Name: Autumn Sage or Cherry Sage Latin: Salvia greggii Height: 2' Width: 2' Zone: 7a Salvia greggii is a popular, small, evergreen perennial, growing natively in rocky soils in Central, West and South Texas, and Mexico. The leaves are small, green and very aromatic. There are many varieties that bloom red, pale yellow, orange, […]

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January 2016 Plant of the Month: Debutante Camellia

Name: Debutante Camellia Latin Name: Camellia japonica 'Debutante' Height: 15’ Width: 7’   Notes: Important factors in choosing camellias include size, bloom time, bloom color, sun exposure, and cold hardiness. Camellia japonica selections grow larger on average, and bloom winter-spring. Debutante Camellia is a burst of cotton candy pink blooms in late winter... when all […]

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Plant of the Month: December 2015 Bonus

BONUS - December Plants of the Month Yuletide Camellia The end of the year is filled with celebration but there is little to celebrate out in the garden.  Plants are either dormant or dead.  Very little is going on in the garden; however, the Yuletide Camellia is the one bright spot. Additional information about Yuletide […]

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Plant of the Month: December 2015

Yaupon Holly Ilex vomitoria Yaupon Holly makes a great specimen tree.  And if your not sure what a specimen tree is, it's a tree that will grow about 20’-25' tall. Specimen trees are also referred to as ornamental trees.  Crape Myrtle, Rose of Sharon, Vitex and Lilac trees are some of the more popular ornamental […]

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