Mealy Blue Sage, aka, Salvia Farinacea - Plant of the Month: February 2015

Mealy Blue Sage, Salvia farinacea.

Mealy Blue Sage is a low maintenance and is a long-blooming perennial. It is native to New Mexico and Texas.

  • Mealy Blue Sage grows 18"-36"  tall and 18"-36" wide.
  • Leaves are usually about 3"  long, lance-shaped and  grey-green to green in color .
  • Mealy Blue Sage blooms from April until frost with a bloom peak in April and May and another in late September or October.
  • Mealy Blue Sage, aka, Salvia farinaceaThe flower spikes range from white to violet-blue and are 4"-6"  long.
  • Mealy Blue Sage thrives in full sun and partial shade, although it will bloom more profusely with more sun.
  • Cut flowers can be used in flower arrangements or as dried flowers.
  •  Like many Texas natives, Mealy Blue Sage may need supplemental water during its first season in the garden, but after it is established, it will only need water in an extended drought. Too much water will result in it being “leggy”. Mealy Blue Sage should be planted where it will receive adequate drainage. It will not tolerate “wet feet.”
  • Once established, it is drought tolerant.
  • It attracts Humming Birds, native bees and butterflies and is deer resistant .
  • It grows in zone 7-11 and is considered an annual in cooler climates

Mealy Blue Sage is a great perennial for the southern United States.  What makes this plant special is the true blue color which is hard to find in the floral world.  The blooms are fragrant and long lasting.  The Mealy Blue Sage works well with Knockout Roses, Artemisia, New Gold Lantana, Shasta Daisy and Ornamental Grasses. So, if you are needing a true blue color in your garden, then try Mealy Blue Sage and you will not be disappointed.

Mealy Blue Sage, aka, Salvia farinacea