Gulf Coast Mulhy - Plant of the Month: October 2015

Fall In Love with Ornamental Grasses

Gulf Coast Muhly

Muhlenbergia Capillaris

GulfCoastMuhly_MSOrnamental grasses have become very popular over last several years and with good reason.  They are very hardy in most areas of the United States and seem to tolerate many soil and water conditions.  It would always surprise me when I would have a design projects in Minneapolis, Denver, Memphis or Austin that the same perennials would grow in all these places, and the same is true with grasses. Adding just a few ornamental grasses to your existing gardens is a great way to up-date your landscape.

Gulf Coast Muhly has wispy dark pink to purple plumes.  In just the right sun light the GulfCoastMuhly_CUplums look like pink mist. The plumes appear in October and will last for several weeks.  This plant will grow to about 3’ tall and 3’ wide. The plumes make a great addition to any fall flower arrangement.  Gulf Coast Muhly is very hardy in most southern states and some northern coastal areas.  Always check with local garden centers for the best varieties in your area. Gulf Coast Muhly or Pink Muhly are drought tolerant and very tolerant in most soils.

If you have limited space in your garden, one Gulf Coast Muhly makes a great focal point. But it is spectacular in group plantings. The spiky leaves are a contrast to the more typical shrub. The plumes show as a pink mist and provide great fall color for any garden.

When planted in a large garden you just see these pockets of billowy dark pink plumes. This plant will stand out in your landscape because this plant is at it’s peak when most of the other plants are past their prime for the season. You should cut back your grasses around Valentine’s Day so the new spring growth will be fresh and green and not be cluttered by old stalks.

So why not add some ornamental grasses to your garden?