August Plant of the Month

Plant of the Month- Sky Pencil Yaupon Holly

sky pencil 2Sky Pencil Yaupon Holly is a narrow, columnar in form plant, that is just right for small spaces. Being an evergreen, it has dark green foliage year round, adding additional interest in the  fall with purple berries. Outstanding plant for vertical accent, perfect for entryways or privacy screening. Maintains it's shape easily with minimal trimming. Grows well in average, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Tolerant of a wide variety of soils ranging from moist to dry and from sandy to clay. However, it prefers light, moist, acidic soils with good drainage. Established plants have some tolerance for drought. Plants may struggle with the heat and humidity of summers in the deep South in USDA Zones 8-9. 

CharacteristicsSky Pencil 2: Small glossy, spineless, deep green leaves (to 3/4" long) which are attractive all year.  Additional small white flowers which bloom in late spring (May-June) and black rounded inconspicuous berries ( to 1/4” diameter) which mature in fall, adds interest through out the seasons. Sky Pencil Holly is low maintenance and easy to grow.

'Sky Pencil' is an exceedingly narrow, and grows in a vertical, pencil-like column to 10' tall but only 2-3' wide. Planted in a large container, it makes an elegant, formal appearance.

Growth habit: Narrow, columnar/upright form

Growth rate: Moderate/Fast

Average size: Reaches 10 ft. tall and 2 ft. wide.

Special Features: Tall and slender , moderately fast growing

Foliage color: Shiny Dark Green

Blooms:  In late spring

Flower color: White

Flower attributes: Very Little Inconspicuous

Garden style: Formal and Xeriscape.

Garden Uses: Great for Privacy along property lines where space is limited, or small gardens.  Works well in containers and is perfect on either side of an entryways.  If you need some neighborly screening or just want to highlight some vertical architecture, like an entry, this is a great plant to use.