Amazing Above Ground Garden

Zilker Park 6 mylandscapedesign.comA few weeks ago My Landscape Design participated in the Zilker Park Garden Festival in Austin, Texas.  It turned out to be a beautiful weekend with lots of people who were interested in gardening and all in one location.  This was the perfect opportunity for My Landscape Design team to explain how the website and design program work.  We spoke to hundreds of people each day.  Once people understood how they could create their own landscape design easily and that it was free, the response was overwhelmingly positive!

There were several booths with plants and fun gardening items but my “booth neighbor” had what I think was one of the most unique gardening items at the festival…

Zilker Park 3It was The Amazing Above Ground Garden.  Keith Simmonds said he created his above ground garden for an Aunt who could no longer garden in typical beds.  Once Keith saw how amazing his creation was he perfected it and now sales them online and at garden shows.  Keith makes gardening fun and easy with no more back breaking gardening chores like pulling weeds, tilling beds, dead heading or watering. The best thing about The Amazing Above Ground Garden is, that anyone can garden anywhere.  This product is perfect for balconies where you want to grow flowers or vegetables, and space is limited. It is also perfect for people who have disabilities or people who can no longer garden in the ground.  I have a deck and I think this would be perfect for herbs.  The close proximity to my kitchen makes this very convenient and I know I would use my herbs much more than having to go down steps to my vegetable garden. 

Considering all the pros and cons, Keith developed a system that would reuse one of our most valuable resources, water.  Not only does his system capture water, the water is rich with nutrients and minerals, it can replenish the plants without using additonal water. And of course you never have to worry about water stains on your surface or water runoff to neighbors who may live below you.

Zilker Park 2This gardening system comes in three sizes.  Eighteen inch, thirty six inch and fifty inch.  You can buy more than one and mix or match the sizes to fit any space you have. The elevated garden beds are lightweight and durable and these planters use less than two cubic feet of soil.  A friend of mine who bought several said they were very easy to put together and took very little time.  He has had amazing results and He is NOT a gardener.

Keith’s new found gardening system takes gardening to new heights!  The Amazing Above Ground Garden provides ease to all ages and levels of abilities.  It is great for compact gardening and will prevent water stains and runoff.  To learn more about Keith’s brilliant gardening systems go